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Managing fibromyalgia

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I am 50 and was diagnosed with fibro a year ago at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. The first thing I got under control was sleep. Generic Lexapro was prescribed after my PCP at home was confident I didn’t have other sleep disorders. I have proven to myself this works best combined with adding a soak in an ultraviolet half sauna as part of a pre-bed nightly ritual.

After a year I finally have more days not in denial. I have been trying to improve my eating by focusing on what to eat. My cholesterol is ultra high (up to almost 400 at times) and I am trying to control it without meds at this point. I started with 3 fruits a day, 2 veggies at each lunch and dinner, fish once a week, eating out no more than once a week.

I started walking 5 minutes every other day a year ago and worked up to 30 minutes 4/5 times a week now. I continually fight myself on routines but have proven to myself that if I could focus on one thing only that us key…it is to drill the word “routine” into every fiber of my being. It’s hard. At times I just want to be defiant to the whole idea.

I finally changed jobs to something manageable long term. I worked full time managing a call center for a magazine company. I was patient to find a part time accounting job that fits me and it had taken since the first of the year to adjust. Against, routine.

I started yoga once a week faithfully a year and a half ago. After a while a realized its value. Routine! I’ve tried swimming and tai chi, both I see will be great but I haven’t been able to regularly incorporate them yet. I could tell it’s too much.

I started chiropractic on December and added massage to compliment. It’s been painful but improving my shoulder, neck, hips tremendously. I’m trying to find a sweet spot as far as scheduling frequency right now.

Pain became horrendous lately. It came on suddenly and now Jeff just as much so. It is always something, as other normal symptoms have taken over. I want to get a handicapped parking permit for that one day in many that the walk in our parking garage is oh so tough. I want to purchase a cane to have at home for those times when my walking is unstable and my knees buckle without warning. I put it off though because I’m fearful its acknowledging defeat in one battle of this war in my body. I plan to discuss it with my PCP next month.

My doc at Mayo is recommending magnets and acupuncture to try.

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jharsh, I’m sorry to hear that you are going through so much pain. I’m 54 and have had pain most of my life. Had a severe head injury at 10 years old. It has caused me to suffer from the most awful migraines, and caused arthritis in my neck. I had a tomur and had to have a histerectomy at 22 then my gallbladder a year later. Always would run fever every evening and would suffer from the worst case of fatigue that would keep me in bed for days. I went through more test and doctors in a three year period. I was diagnosed with Lupus 10 years ago and inherited my mom’s RA and dad’s high blood pressure. Now the last week of this month I go for a MRI to find out if I have MS. I know I have scar tissue because I have one done every 6 years, and was told that became of the scar tissue I would likely have these type of symptoms. There are days it takes all I’ve got to walk, and the pain in just moving can be unbearable. Like this morning. And I got to take care of something for mom this morning. I to go to the Chiropractor and it helps wonderfully. I also get in a hot tub with Epson salt an lavender at night when it seems like nothing helps. You sound like you stay pretty active, I find that if I can do as much as I can, I can have productive days. I use a lot of different oils for my problems and they do help to a certain degree. I understand where you are coming from wanting to get a cane, I have quite a few and use them when I feel like my legs will fall from under me. I know we are still young, but we can make the best of this journey. Like you said you were eating different. It’s a lifestyle change! And we can make it. Hope you have a great day. Prayers salena54

You really need to find something that works for you. There are a lot of things out there. In my experience three trips to Mayo Clinic was a complete waste of my time and hard-earned money. A good local GP was much more effective and I have been able to function normally for the past nine years as a result.

How nice for you that you had a competent GP! That is often, in fact, rarely the case. First, they think you are a nut case, then they think you just want drugs. I have found over the course of my now 30 year journey with the diagnosis of Fibro – Drugs Rarely help. You have to find the thing that broke you in the first place, then fix it. I know it sounds harsh, but adding a plethora of chemicals to an already compromised system just confuses and be fuddles the brain. Pain is just pain…find the mantra to deal with it, and move on to a better state of health. Doctors often know shit about why some people hurt and others don’t. We all experience pain in an individual way.
Remembering that Pain is just a sensation that your mind can overcome with mindful attention is a powerful tool.

The “thing that broke me” was insomnia. After scrupulously avoiding all medications for it, it worsened and worsened. Many well-meaning friends gave me their advice, which usually was “Just go to bed, close your eyes, and go to sleep.” Well, needless to say, that failed to work. Then the pain set in, steadily growing worse and worse.

I have a medical condition that needs to be treated medically. Some forms of chronic pain can be alleviated via pschological means. That is fine, but that is not my case. If you find that you can manage your pain without medication, so much the better. I can’t. I am grateful that, in spite of Mayo Clinic, I am functioning normally now.

It’s challenging coping with not being able 2 sleep @ times.I’ve chronic pain 2.That’s 2 bad.Yes.My pain’s hard 2 cope with.Good.

Welcome to Connect, @disgusted.
Sleep is so integral to our health. I think you might be interested in the discussion that @johnwburns started called Autoimmune Diseases and Fatigue https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/autoimmune-diseases-and-fatigue/

How have you been able to manage your insomnia successfully?


How have you managed your insomnia?

I found a good sleep doctor who put me on temezapam.

Just backing up a little so bear with me… If you don’t mind my asking, the “medical condition” is fibromyalgia?


I have fibromyalgia plus chronic back pain that overshadows the fibro. I am
most often in 8 to 9 pain level. I try to meditate, but nothing takes my
pain away. ladyjane85

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