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I think that a patient should have the right to see everything in their file.

It is shocking to me that something as important as human health is allowed to skulk about under a cloak of secrecy.

I've been diagnosed with PTSD due to medical trauma. A string of doctors, neurologists, lying, trying to charge me for taking the time to tell me they will not let me schedule a time to review the MRIs they ordered, being called a liar about my symptoms and then prescribed a drug I explicitly explained why I should not take… and their response was THE LETTER, which everyone can see, and makes it sound like I'm an unreasonable flake.

If I am ever well, I'll be taking the myChart thing on. It is an invitation to blacklist people from basic medical care because a doctor is being sub-human.

And hospitals always support the doctor. It's cancerous, and I am learning that it happens ALL THE TIME.

The best medical system in the world. What a load of poo!

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I'm SO with you on this. I really want to distill down where the system allows abuse and then do something about it.
You are the best person for this because you're so articulate and get to the core.
I'm seriously ready to create an action. I'm not in full health either but I can do the framing of the problem+ ideas for remediation in my laptop.
This really needs to stop. The medical profession ar the general PCP level has turned into a victimization machine for too many. The COVID excuse is no longer applicable. We have a new self-created patient care system that is NOT a model of health care delivery today should continue. We really need to change this.
I love the type of people I spent my career with in the medical profession. I don't recognize the industry anymore. And I want the bullying, disrespect+ false information for more reimbursement to stop.