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You hit nerve here. Yes, huge corruption existing My medical records from this former PCP was used as it were a soc media self promotion which was intermittent converted for application as a weapon. I've recently been considering having my electronic files just blocked from access bc they are so incorrect they actually misrepresent reality. I read an "examination" rpt that would have taken 2hrs + was so impressive I wished I could someday have one so comprehensive. LOL bc that day Dr's dominant right entire arm was in cast + he couldn't even hold his laptop w his left. But my "report" was remarkable! He could tell my spleen was soft + not tender mentally thru my jeans from across the room. And a thorough examination of my hair +scalp was done!… so delicately I didn't even feel it or get a hair out of place.
These conversations here are motivating me to begin a business as an Advocate to help get the corruption and unacceptable behaviors corrected. It makes me angry. I think things have drifted too far from an acceptable standard.
When you comment on your medical records, are the comments attached to the original input?

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It’s true because he had a long list looking at the portals that said I had Kidney Stones. I have never had kidney stones in my life so I don’t know where that came from. Also a half dozen other “medical issues” were mentioned as diagnosis that didn’t exist.

I’m sure these “ diagnoses “ padded the Medicare bills

Supposedly there is a process that you can undertake to append a comment, but it's not visible to the patient (like most of the notes) and it isn't easy. The fact that a patient cannot see their own data is disgusting and makes me think doctors are spending more time covering their butts than caring for their patients.

Oh, yes, the phantom exam. Apparently I had a full discussion about fibromyalgia at our last appt. Never happened. Dude spends most of his time talking about himself.

…. And I don't have a fibeomyalgia diagnosis.

I may qualify, but nobody has ever evaluated me for those types of conditions.

The medical system has isolated itself from itself and the people it's supposed to serve.

It is so infuriating that dealing with the medical system rips apart your mental health, and then they blame things they don't understand as a result of "your mental health conditions." I dream of saying, "but YOU are my mental health condition!"

Not all doctors. Maybe half. But that's enough to ruin everything.