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Dr P is respected amongst his peers. Reviews show that he is one of the best in the State.
But he’s a jerk. Maybe being near the top of the pile he thinks he knows better.

Even if he’s laughing about it I still would like to know what size it is. It could be real small or large but I don’t know that.
There are a lot of vascular surgeons around me to pick from and perhaps I should start “shopping “ for somebody with good bedside manners. Somebody to take me seriously

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There's a seduction from the social prestige that many doctors attain that creates an offensive elitism and arrogance. That's an unfortunate corruption within them. The truly fine doctor at the top of the top are often the most approachable and humble, and sincerely relate to patients. I'm thinking that we as patients need to unionize lol so all Docs provide certain basics or else they don't get paid. What do you think?
Wishing you the best

Yes that sounds like the first guy I dealt with. Apparently he has a bad reputation for being a jerk. That’s from my doctor. The surgeon who did the surgery actually is way up on the pile if not the top was just a nice guy. He’s also the trauma surgeon, he likes that better! But you are correct that oftentimes the top person is a jerk. Definitely time for you to shop around!