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Dear @rsfcowgirl ,

first of all, thank you so much for a long email that must have cost you a lot of energy just to write.
It is terrible that you had to experience something so awful. I am sorry it happened to you.
Unfortunately, I believe that there are different nuisances in doctors' behaviors. Although there might not be (I hope!) many around resembling your horrible doctor, I do think there are more bad doctors than kind doctors out there. – Or so is my experience because even though the really mean ones might be few, there is a very high number of indifferent, uninterested doctors who could not care less. I have met a few of them.
What makes it especially bad, is that it is when we are at our most vulnerable and weak level, that we need them the most. And so, whatever wrong they might do, has a much greater impact on us – both physically and mentally, when we are very sick.

I think doctors should be under the supervision of an independent organization that sends someone to check on them (& control how they behave and how they treat their patients) several times a year.
The problem, I believe, is that they feel all too secure and powerful the way it works now. And that alone is enough to make them behave badly because once they have finished medical school and internship, they pretty much are on their own, and can do whatever they please.

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You've nailed every point. And thank you for the compassion -you showed the humanity we all wish we received in the medical profession.
Your point about oversight is something I realized recently too. My career was in the hospital ICU where everything is team view and monitored. Those who work there are very different than those in a medical office. So I've seen the best of medical people. Now I'm seeing these worst, tho I believe my location has a great bearing on behavior. This would never have been acceptable in California + is illegal in S Carolina. And I fully agree that lack of oversight, accountability, peer review enables reckless behavior. Been pondering legislation options recently. I believe there's something wrong within many medical practices where I now live. In any case, I'm going to file the complaint as Becky provided the link. Then I'm going to look into other realms of complaint. Thanks for the reply.