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I could use that too. I’m very early along and just have a baseline of my frontotemporal lobes. Of course, I’m hoping that I just have small frontotemporal lobes! I think it’s called the “denial” phase.

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Welcome to Connect, @wbuawxman.
This message has been moved to the Caregiver’s group because of the title that Limbolady gave it. However, I believe you are writing from the perspective of someone who has frontotemporal degeneration. I understand the denial phase. It is hard to accept.
Is this a recent diagnosis for you?

Yes it is recent …. last August/September through CAT scan and confirmation MRI. I’m still able to work full time; the diagnosis was based on smaller than normal frontotemporal lobes in my brain that came out of those procedures. Hence the uncertainty I’m expressing.

Is there a more appropriate place for me to be to discuss FTD diagnoses, either here or on (maybe) the FTD site?