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Hi I suffer from depression matter of fact I’m fighting not to hurt myself right now I feel all I got is fake friends I wonder if people would miss me if I killed myself

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Hi Kramer may be a good idea to pick up the phone and talk to someone or go to your nearest Emergency dept. You are not alone there is always help you just have to reach out Take care Piglit

kramer, You would be missed! Please seek help because there is faith, hope and love for you. Trust me. Let me know how you are doing. I care.

You would be missed and the fake friends should not even matter. Surround yourself by real people who uplift you and not make you feel worse about yourself. Mainelady, I know how you feel as well. We have ups and downs with depression and when we are down it is horrible. If you feel like you need to be seen before appointments please call the doc and/or go to your ER because it’s unsafe and I don’t want anything to happen to Kramer nor you.
Most anti-depressants have sexual side effects but discuss options with your doc.
Hugs Rox