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Fibromyalgia Medications

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Hi Trouse,
Here is a note of encouragement, I hope! Do not let ANYONE tell you that fibromyalgia is something you will have the rest of your life! That is NOT necessarily true.
My fibro started almost 15 years ago and at that time it didn’t even have a NAME… I refused just pain meds…too easy to get hooked on them. At the advice of a nurse friend I started in taking Magnesium Malate… it helped most definately… Not saying it ‘made it go away’…
I had days when it didn’t bother me at all…but most days were devoted to what I called “my whole right side was shot down”… A few years later I started in taking MSM with Glucosamine (couldn’t deal with the chondroitin) … and it really and truly helped ease all the symptoms… I am now to the point (in spite of being a senion) where it is UNusual for me to have a fibro attack or any symptoms… Regular OTC pain relievers never touched it…might as well have been drinking water.
Do what YOU know works for you… just know it takes awhile for supplements to really kick in and start working for you. But at least it is a CURE not just a pain cover up. Drs probably won’t agree…With Fibro…there are NO ‘instant cures’….
Good luck to you!

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I’ve heard Cymbalta for depression helps with fibro. Don’t no if it comes in liquid or not. Good luck!

What is magnesium malate? does it mix well w/ other prescription meds? It just seems like my fibromyalgia is getting worse everyday. The all over pain and aches, fatigue, weakness etc. It also doesn’t help that I am on medications fighting c-diff infectious disease. It is all so overwhelming!!!

I have heard of Cymbalta too, it cannot be crushed and does not come in liquid form. I heard Levsin was good, with les side effects. I did talk to my pharmasist, he said he looked it up and it comes in a capsule that you can open. My problem right now is my specialist will not let me take any other meds due to having c-diff infectious disease right now, which is intestional. I have to wait for that to clear up first. It is just hard because I am dealing w/ so much ilness right now, my fibromyalgia symptoms seem like they are getting worse, headaches, all over body aches and pain, fatigue, etc. Stress does not help either in my situation!!

Magnesium malate is a supplement … its a specialized form of magnesium that helps to reduce pain in muscles and relax them. Ordinary magnesium (several varieties) don’t address this pain/relaxation problem in the same way. I could only hope it would help you, trouse. I’m so sorry for what you are going through.

I’ve only seen it in capsule form.

You might consider Teri15’s suggestion and ask your pharacist (dr) about Cymbalta… sometimes you just need all the help you can get! 🙂 It’s not as if you have to ‘stay on’ any other meds forever… Your state of mind has a direct bearing on how you feel physically… this is why I suggested the healing tapes to help relax and soothe you. I hope your day is a good one, Trouse.

you should be able to crush these pills.

I want to thank everyone for their suggestions on the meds. My rheumatologist did call back and started me on Neurotin, I guess that is how you spell it. It is in capsule form that I can break. I take it in the evening 1 x per day in evening, I can increase up to 3 x a day if needed. I am doing Ok w/ it. My body is trying to get used to it. Feeling fatigue, dizzy, and causes weight gain, which I have noticed. I am noticing that I am very moody as well.
How long does it take for a new med to get into your system and get used to it!!

Thank again for your concerns and comments!
I will keep you updated!


Hi trouse so pleased that you have started on your new medication and it seems to be starting to work for you. I’m not sure how long it takes for your system to get used to the new medication ask you specialist. All new medications will take a little while to get used to I would think to readjust You take care and keep in touch Piglit

It has been almost a week on the new med Neurotin, I have noticed that I get very moody, I have been crying off and on, very nervous like, shaky,headaches, etc. I am only taking 100 mg per day in evening. Has anyone had this reaction before? I also have noticed some coughing, sinus issues and cramping! Does anyone have any sugesstions for me?