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C-diff infectios disease

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I had c diff in 2011. The doctors put me on two different antibiotics and it cleared it up. I have not had a recurrence.I don’t remember what they put me on but I could look it up.I think one was oral and one iv. I had it post op.

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Thank you for the reply, I do not get alot of feedback on this site for those who have or had c-diff. This is my third relapse. I have been on oral vanco taper for the last 10 weeks. I see my GI doctor today. Still having symptoms. I am also seeing a disease specialist now. It has been frustrating. I lost my home and my job over this illness. I have not worked since last March 2012. The doctors say it could be up to two years for me to feel 100%. There is no guarantee that I won’t relapse again. My disease doctor says since I relapsed 3 times w/ in a year, more than likely I could relapse again!

hi just had a thought .I don’t know if this pertains to you or not. we’ve noticed with me because of my complicated GI issues that my body doesn’t always absorb oral medications the way it should. When I had c diff I was on IV meds. I’m wondering if you’re in the same situation for your body is not absorbing the medication properly.it’s something to talk to your doctor about.if you need IV meds it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be in the hospital.
my c diff cleared up before I left the hospital. I’ve never had a relapse. my doctor said he didn’t expect it. Don’t know if this helps or not. But it’s worth asking your doctor.

are they positive it’s actually c diff? the only way to get a true diagnosis is to have your stool tested for it. Did they do a culture? if it’s not actually C Diff it may not respond to the same antibiotics.

Went to the GI doctor today! He took me off my probobiotics, finished w/ the vanco, and is trying a fiber supplement. He said that I could be lactous intolerant. No dairy products/ etc. Getting my stool test again in 3 weeks, to test for c-diff again! Thaks for the reply!

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