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Flying with Hyperacusis

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You're wise to ask these questions. I always take a decongestant before I fly as I've experienced considerable pressure on a flight. I've often taken decongestants when needed so have not considered it being different than usual. This seems like an 'ask your physician' thing, especially if you have hyperacusis. Best to play it safe.

There should be no problem using ear plugs. As a person with hearing loss, I always inform the airline staff that I may not understand announcements due to my hearing loss. They have always been kind about coming to me to repeat messages or ask if I have questions. I also request an aisle seat when I fly. That makes it possible for the flight attendant to talk to me without leaning over another passenger. It's always best to be upfront about any unique needs you may have.

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Julie and willows:

Thank you so much for your thoughts. I’m scheduled to talk to my doc on Tuesday about all this. I’ve struggled to find an ENT truly sensitive to my hyperacusis issues. My current one is better than my first who was very dismissive. I’ll likely use ear plugs on the flight, even though noise cancelling headphones are more attractive. But I’m really hesitant to listen to music or sounds through headphones because many times in my life I’ve made mistakes with the volume and momentarily blasted my ears. Since my acoustic trauma, I haven’t used ear buds or headphones for that very reason. Regarding decongestants, I agree it’s a good idea to get my doc’s input. My concern with taking a med is that once it’s in you, there’s no adjustment or change of plan, especially with a single-dose strategy. Thanks again to you both! Joe