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Ck'd for UTI. Culture shows skin contamination

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…cant find wording right now but had so many utis over the years… and personally I think the sample can get contaminated many ways; my ex doctor made me use public washroom to take sample and I wasn't given one of those little wipes to prepare area (woman); the person taking the sample, handling the little test strip could have contamination on hands …. or handling the little bottle putting on lid etc: many things can contaminate and then we take an antibiotic but no bladder infection…. as a side issue, I have ibs-d and since c.diff, fecal incontinence, so since c.diff I never have a bath, only showers; used to get relief from sitz baths, but no longer take them as could leave germs in the water. I would think that it is easier for a woman with our anatomy to get uti's and have read its true. Well, are you going to have another urine test done? The lab wouldn't know for sure would they? If you have no symptoms…? Now what I do is take a shower at home, have a sealed bottle ready, put my name etc. on label and get it to dr./nurse office . As well, I used to go by the test strip at dr. but now request sample be sent to Lab. I also read that once the dr. office uses a test strip in the sample, that particular sample should not be then sent to Lab… but they do! Hope you don't get any more as now for me it's very stressful just getting what they call "a clean catch" midstream… midstream, are they kidding.. maybe for the male species but not me.. will spare you the details: good luck for the future! J.

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@lacy2. Thanks for your post. Sometimes common sense is the best answer. I had never thought of the dip stick used in the office and the remaining sample being sent off for culture, could that be a time urine sample could be contaminated. I did decide to go off myrbetriq for 2 weeks to see if there is any changes in my urges to urinate or other UTI signals. Again, thanks.