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Thank you so much for sharing your information. It is very valuable to me. Side stepping is a form of walking that incorporates dance. You literally walk sideways. I am a distance walker and sometimes I get bored so I change up my steps. Not any more! LOL! My surgeon said when he was repairing my femur that my bone was thin so I assume the injury was from osteoporosis. This morning my doctor recommended Tymlos or Forteo or even perhaps Prolia. Did you have side effects with Tymlos and have your scans improved with its usage? Sounds like it is more flexible than others. I am relatively healthy except for my bones and I am frightened to take anything after my negative Evenity experience.

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I had side effects with Tymlos when I took a full dose or even a half dose, but I am sensitive to meds and have occasional atrial fibrillation, migrianes, lupus, so am not a good example.

I was determined to get on it, and so I talked with my doc and we agreed I would start at two out of 8 clicks and ramp up. Lately I have been taking a full dose with few or no problems. It has been 15 months on a therapeutic dose (7-8 clicks).

I have a DEXA in March but my kids are amazed at how much stronger I am. It helps bone quality as well as density. I recently walked 22 miles in two days. Two years ago I felt disabled (fractures, which do heal anyway but leave pain and limitations behind).

My doc says he will never prescribe Prolia for me . You cannot stop Prolia without going on something else immediately. He joked he might prescribe it just before retiring so he would not be around to deal with the consequences.