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Hello, @mahdiheydarigmail, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I want to reach through the computer to give you a calming hug. Your mother is young at 58 and can get through this! Osteosarcoma in the jaw, according to information I’m providing below, generally doesn’t metastasize outside the jaw bone and it produces higher survival rates. So that is a positive takeaway.
However, your mom will most likely require surgery to remove the tumor with a followup of chemo and/or radiation. This is not going to be easy for her…cancer never is. But I’m guessing your mom is a very strong woman and she will push through this.

What you can do right now is to remain calm and positive for her and for yourself. Truly, I understand how difficult this is. I am a surviver of a very aggressive cancer so I know that there is always hope…and I’m a decade older than you mom! ☺️ Getting through our cancer treatments is a challenge but worth the effort to persevere.

It will help your mom if you or someone close to her will accompany her to all appointments to take notes. Sometimes when the doctors talk it is overwhelming with all the information. So having someone else along to listen and make notations for later is important.
You can bring your own list of questions for the doctor as well. Let’s wait for the diagnosis to return and then we can talk about this more, ok?
You just gained a new family here on Connect so you’re not alone. Family support is important at a time like this. Do you have any siblings or relatives nearby?

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Thank you very much for your sympathy
Thank you for your culture and kindness
Initial sampling was done
The pathologist could not identify the type of tumor.
Compression of cells or sampling was not detectable for him.
Sampling will be done again in two weeks.

(gross description
the specimen received in formalin consist of two pieces of irregular tan bony hard tissue measuring 1.0 cm .after decalcification submitted in one paraffin block.

microscopic description :
sections show fragments of bony trabeculae whih fibrofatty marrow.

two tiny foci of hyperchromatic cells accumulation can be seen between bony trabeculae that is almost totally crushed and cannot be described , maybe due to squeezung and bad handling of the specimen)

Because I was worried that the doctor took the wrong sample
Now I went to another surgeon
I hope this time the disease can be diagnosed and I hope it is not a special problem

Thank you again for your sympathy and kindness