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Lots of great responses here… thanks to all.

Also facing similar "noncompliance with some aggression / hostility" from my wife. Often she refuses my advice about trying to minimize safety risks, and characterizes my help as an attempt to "control her."

Will report these behaviors to the neuro later this week at our next appointment… believe a small dose of seroquel may be in order.

Two things that are helping me: 1) keeping in mind that it's not HER that's acting up, but that it's the DISEASE PROCESS; and 2) that in an hour or two (sometimes less), she'll likely have no recollection of her behavior or my advice, and may be more accepting of it.

Just one of the many challenges we all will face with loved ones living with dementia.

All the best!


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A very low dose of Ativan has helped with my husband’s anger and noncompliance. He still resists some, but far less aggressively. He does sleep more, but that’s far better than where we were before.