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Antiviral drugs prophylactic

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Hi @codered032, Evusheld is actually still available but with the new variants of Covid, it may no longer be effective against the virus so most medical facilities don’t bother offering the option. From what I’m finding, right now there aren’t any other prophylactic antiviral meds approved for Covid except making sure people have latest bivalant booster. The meds your doctor ordered, molnupiravir, is only approved for patients who actually have actually tested positive with covid. It is not a prophylactic. https://www.drugs.com/molnupiravir.html

That doesn’t help those of us who are immunocompromised. If I remember correctly, you are taking Tacrolimus for MCD for your kidneys but don’t have any other comorbidities, which is a plus. You still may be acquiring some antibodies after your boosters. If you’re heading to a high risk area, such as Florida where so many people don’t vaccinate or wear masks, that can create a challenge.
When my husband and I down there (or anywhere!) we mask up anytime we’re in a store for groceries or shopping, elevators in our condo building, any common area indoors. We wipe down the handles of our grocery cart, we still wipe down products that come into our house. We don’t eat at restaurants unless we can sit outdoors. Anyone who comes into our apartment or in my space, is asked to wear a mask and we do also. We’ve had numerous workmen in our condo with a project and they had no issue with wearing a mask. We use hand sanitizer after pumping gas, lysol wipes are in the car for wiping catsup packets from fast food or grabbing when I run in to a rest stop to wipe the door handle in the stall.
All of this sounds like overkill to a person with a strong immune system. But it’s just the way it has to be for a transplant patient. We’ve managed to remain healthy for several years with this regimen.

These are things that have worked for me and other transplant friends who are seriously compromised. So I think, in spite of not having the Evusheld, if you follow the initial Covid protocol of masking, wiping, hand sanitizer, avoiding crowded area and just use caution you’ll be good to go. Toss in some covid tests. They’re still available from the government for free. https://www.covid.gov/tests/ If you do get covid, then the new meds can be given to lessen the duration.
If you find out any other information will you let us know?

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My meph says I can not take any of the new meds for COVID. So I have to be very careful. BB

Thank you for reminding me and others about self-care protocol. I do wear disposable glover & KN95 mask when I am out and about. Unfortunately many people act as if COVID has been defeated.