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Newly Diagnosed Colorectal Cancer

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Hi Denise from California. I am sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with colon cancer. Those news are always difficult to assimilate, mainly when you don’t know much about the diagnosis. Hopefully soon yours doctor would be able to give you more detailed diagnosis and plan.
November 21, 2022 my husband was found to have stage IV colon cancer and after all test were done he was recommended to do immunotherapy ( Keytruda) He had the first dose about 2 1/2 weeks ago. He did not have much side effects the first few days, but day 7 he developed fever of 101.9. Blood work was unremarkable. The oncologist thought it could be related to Keytruda, but not sure and recommended observation. The fever went away in the next 24 hours. He continued to have intense fatigue at about 4-5 pm every afternoon, headaches early in the morning, body aches and chills. All symptoms getting better. My concern is that he is getting the second dose in 2 days. Are these typical symptoms of Keytruda? Any patient getting Keytruda in this chat? Any comment is welcome. Happy new year to all of you. Ana.

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anapere123 unfortunately KEYTRUDE or pembro we nicknamed it in the U.K. i Noticed despite the side affects thst we are given on paper. There still ate many many more that come under very rare. Now I never bothered myself but I do know which one of the immunstherpy drugs you choose they walk
Come with some horrific side effects. I have a friend she was terminal lung cancer she told me her oncologist had given her the latest drug keytruuude I have to be honest I said no that’s not a new latest drug. Then I stopped as I remembered I ask based at a Hodpitsl that fo lots of trial drugs. One we have another drug from a diffract country it then as go go for a further 5 years in trials before the drug is released to the Genral public, our drug criteria is second to none. We would not allow some things that are allowed in their own country we must be one of the strictest countries in the world. We have much much tighter laws in England before anything can be approved. I remember the trials for KEYTRUDE were not far off taking place. What I am trying to say if someone had, had a reaction like your husband had. Unless they could find it and know what it was. Under no circumstances would he have been able to continue with the trial drug keytrude not a cst in hells chance would he have been allowed to continue with it. They just will not take that chance in the U.K. if they found out what had caused it abd if it was linked to the drug., he would still be taken out of trials but the tests they wiukd have tun on him literally Be 100s especially as he starts to get so tired at the same time every day with such bad headaches. Fury thing they would do Is do a brain scan to make sure. Can I ask as he had a brain scan. If not then I would defiantly get one booked. I am shocked to learn they would not have done one as a matter of routine… I know my friend went through horrific side effects from KEYTRUDE but she persevered for the two years. It was shrinking her tumours fast but as one was shrinking another one was coming up in her lungs. Colon, ovvarys legs she got lots of Lumps there in her groun poor Jenny she was diagnosed with none small
Cell cancer. But something was making her cancer change as one was being killed the ones that popped up after. She was so dare. Because they were popping up a small cell lung cancer.. as well as no small cell lung cancers. Then sone cane popping up as a sarcoma all together she was really unique and treatment was making her cancers to change. And further nore she had 4 different types of cancer in her body. But bless her. Aas she knows 2 are fast growing. But an elderly lady saud to my mum but don’t tell me we are going to meet up. The fatigue hits everyone no two people can actually have killed Kyle by now. It’s all he ever thought that he sees shouting at someone. All I can say is just see how he his this next time. But do get them to hurry because I am definstky not sure I would wangle to stop in that treatments. Until they knew what it was. A temperature over 100 degrees fare hight is dangerous bey very well I know . I suddenly went into the freezer when it’s gone off. Unfortunately I went into a coma from the drug. Youf hearing us defiantly the last to go as i saud I was in a come. But I had remembered that a Macmillan nurses was waiting and I had to get my son to actully pick me up and put me into the chair. No way could I stop in that drigbzx not it’s and bits…. Tell him to go with a far over mexzcbb