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Tacrolimus blood levels: Do yours vary?

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Hi @rosemarya 😊
Happy New Year to you and your family!! Question…do you take your morning pills with or after your " retired lite breakfast"?

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I have my iphone reminder set for 8 AM and 8 PM, except for Sunday morning when I set it for 7 AM because I need to leave home at 7:15 AM for early Mass. My primary goal is to keep the 12 hr schedule. so, sometimes before or after I eat breakfast. My husband and I enjoy going out for breakfast, and going for donuts after our fasting lab appointments! Vacation and social events make life interesting and take some planning. Of course the PM dose is several hours after I have eaten.
As I said in a previous post, my priority is the 12 hour schedule.
Early after my transplant, I asked my nurse and Physician Assistant about eating before or eating after because I was struggling with coordinating both. I was told that I should do whatever works best because I would be taking these meds for life…and that whatever I had been doing was working for me. I like Simple!

Keep in mind that my body, my transplant, my medical history are not the same as yours, or anybody else. This works well for me. 🙂

Does this give you any ideas for managing your meds? Has your transplant team indicated whether you should take your meds with or without food?