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Fast Tacrolimus Metabolism?

Transplants | Last Active: Dec 31, 2022 | Replies (19)

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Hello. I am four months post liver transplant and take 8mg tacro in the am and 8 in the pm. Trough level is about 8. Is that typically reduced down the road? Thank you.

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Yes, mine was high after transplant. It was often adjusted based on the latest labs. Expect that, mine was just adjusted as recent as 2 months ago. I trust that your journey forward will for the most part be smooth. As they say, life is a bowl of Cherries, but it has its pits! I trust you will have a pit free pie😊.
I hope your journey going forward will an angel leading you by the hand.
Happy New Year.

I want to add my thoughts from my experience as a transplant recipient to this discussion. Our medications start at a higher dose and over time they are reduced as our body adjusts to out new organ. I would like to say that each of us can be at a different dosage at any time. There is not a one-dose-fits-all. And there is not a standard measurement of timer for dosage to be changed. So much depends on pretransplant medical history, body size, body reaction, organ match, etc.

@patrickski98, Your doctors will look at your labs, all of them, as part of their decision for when/or if to make adjustments. Life as a transplant recipient is a journey, and your transplant team will provide the directions along the way.