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Thank you Sue. I am trying to be hopeful. Ready to be out of pain and get back to doing what I love.
A few more questions if you don't mind?!
Why did you need a revision? I have a loose femoral stem at the top and not the bottom. Looks like that will have to cut femor in half long way to get lower stem out…that is my biggest concern.
Anyone out there have the same type of surgery?
I'd love to know how you are doing.

Thanks again for sharing.

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I had a since-recalled type of implant that was shedding heavy metals into my body, essentially poisoning me & destroying tissue. Unfortunately, I don't know the details of how the stem was removed, but it did not involve cutting the bone.

Are you working with a surgeon who does a lot of revision surgeries? For me, I feel it was the key to success. Surgeons who do only routine replacements have a different skill set than those who try to "piece people back together" in complicated cases.