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Life Expectancy with cavitary MAC

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I hardly cough and when I do, nothing comes up. Had to have a bronchoscopy to get my initial diagnosis (which probed positive). as I could not produce a sputum sample at all. Right now I have no other symptoms, either. My doctor has not said anything about any airway management techniques. I assume that’s because he doesn’t see need at this point. However I see many, many comments here about its importance and it seems to be a universally applied. Should I question my doc?

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It may be worth a discussion regarding saline nebulisation but you can Google airway clearance and get information from the likes of National Jewish, NTMir, COPD Foundation and their YouTube clips and webinars. There are different techniques and we each find the one that works for us.
I don't have much of a cough or sputum but airway clearance is lung hygiene. Like cleaning your teeth.

Airway clearance is like flossing our teeth. Even if we don’t see anything stuck between our teeth we still floss. It breaks up the biofilm and prevents gum disease.

Likewise, it’s important to break up the biofilm in our lungs. When I bring out my daily “weapons” – my vest, saline, and Aerobika, I’m letting those bacteria, fungi and viruses know who’s boss!

Linda Esposito