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after a vein occlusion

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I have been recieving treatment (lucentis injections) over the last year. Right now I am on a 3 month regimen of injections. Because my blurriness comes back, we have not reached the “monitor and maintain” stage of my brvo. My doc compared my condition to a puddle that needs to be mopped up, and they are still trying to get it soaked up. As I understand it, this is a chronic condition, that once controlled, can be monitored at greater intervals that once a month.
I am seeing a retina specialist for this.

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Thank you so much you have given me HOPE.

The sometimes light or dark grey cloud [a scotoma???] that obsructs vision has now changed/spread around its edges [like a chalk drawing] and has ‘bubbles’
[ resembling drops of water on a windshield ] that move about around it
am going to see a retinologist soon but this is so unsettling, can anyone tell me what might be causing this?
Thank you

As I understand it, a vein occlusion is a vein that is leaking. This disrupts the normal blood flow out of the eye and a puddle forms over the optic nerve causing inflamation. This causes the grey cloud that obstructs vision. Could be due to physical formation of the veins, or it could be a result of some other cause. The retinologist will be able to determine what is going on inside your eye.
I still have a cloudy spot in one eye, but now it is not bothersome. (I can see it if I close my good eye). I have been undergoing treatment for a year.
I do hope that you will be seeing your retinologist real soon. Do not put it off. I hope that you find out what is going on in your eye, and that you get successful results.