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Hi I'm also a 13 teen year old and I also have dysautonomia as a teenage girl it get in the middle of just trying to be a teen my doctor recommend us going to a mayo clinic do you have any recommendations ?

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I am so sorry you have Dysautonomia, it has been a terrible ordeal for my 13 year old daughter. What state do you live in? And maybe I can share some of Haylies doctors info with you. If you are interested in talking to Haylie since you both are the same age and have the same diagnosis, I know she would like that. She hasnt found another girl her age that is going through what she is..

Hi, I know it is 4 1/2 years later, but my son, daughter, and I are all severely affected by this terrible disorder, so I though I would go ahead and connect with you, if you are still active. I have spent the last several years caring for them as my full-time job and doing tremendous research. We have made HUGE progress, thankfully, with both of my kids, and I am stable at this time. Would love to share with you if you would like.