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I understand how u feel. I am 22 in collage have a job and a life altering disease. For years dad has wanted me to go to the mayo clinic. I told him I won’t go till I graduate. I won’t let my body have control over my education. It rules everything Els I won’t let it control this. I graduate this may and will finally go to the mayo. Maybe u should try to make a deal like that with your parents. Let them know how school is the only thing in your life u still have controls over and u won’t give it up. My best wishes for u.

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I studied eastern and western medicine,I.am also a very complicated case, if you calm the shen(mind) you will slow down disease process ,tai chi,yoga massage,meditation accupucture, Stress will kill you before any disease seems like school is your meditation, slow down and your answers will come to you,now if I could only follow my own advise, Bless you and follow your shen and heart

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