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Breast pain and high sensitiveness

Breast Cancer | Last Active: Nov 30, 2022 | Replies (3)

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@sabithamayo I am sorry this continues for you. I have had a painful breast for some years after a lumpectomy. In my case it is because the scar tissue kind of went crazy and grew a lot. I know some other folks have talked about a nerve being trapped in the healing or not growing back correctly. I do remember someone having a second surgery to remove the scarring, I am sorry that I cannot remember where I read it.
I had a physical therapist help me with desensitization on another large scar I have by teaching me to rub it with a tissue then my hand, then wadded paper in order to be able to tolerate my clothing. I don’t know if this is something that will help, but as I always say “it’s worth a try, can’t hurt, might help”.
What have you tried so far to ease this?

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Dear Chris, thank you for the reply. When i had raised this issue to my doctor he told this is very common and i have to live with it .My scars are healed almost completely.Is this pain also related to lymphedema? I do yoga and meditation daily. I heard somewhere that self manual lymphatic drainage massage will help to come out of sensitivity and fullness. Is it true?