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I just completed 45 ,nine weeks of radiation treatments. Now dealing with total incontinent issues. I progressively loss controls over the last few weeks of treatment. Any real hope of regaining some controls as recovery progresses. Do any of the exercises I am reading about help? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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There is an operation that kind of put a plug in and stops incontinence Usually after surgery but can be from radiation as well

@carver I can hear the distress in your post and imagine this is terrible for you.

My brother had surgery and radiation for prostate cancer. On a follow-up appointment he talked with his physician about incontinence who referred my brother for pelvic floor physical therapy. It took some time but my brother is doing much better now and no longer has incontinence.

There are surgeries for incontinence and medications. It's something to talk with your doctor about. I know my brother wanted to start with the least invasive treatment for incontinence before he tried anything else.

Are you willing to call your oncology surgeon's office and make an appointment?

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Carver, has your oncology team talked to you about pelvic floor exercises? They seem too simple, but they can help.

I did 4 weeks (twice weeklyY of Pelvic Floor PT at a Baylor Scott & White clinic (Texas) working with their trained and designated Prostate Cancer specialist. This was prior to my RALP.

After learning how to Kegel properly, she had me do many types of exercises with the “stretchy bands.” Kegel in, pull and hold, release Kegel and release band. Three times 10-15 reps each. Facing in, facing out. Arms stretching out, arm stretching down. Legs facing forward and facing away. Right leg then left leg. Many reps, many kegels. Easily about 250 kegels per hour of PT.

From Amazon, I bought the “Whatafit Resistance Bands Set, Exercise Bands with Door Anchor, Handles, Carry Bag, Legs Ankle Straps” at $40US regular price. I repeated the same exercises at home least twice a week. That’s a lots of Kegels. Then add in the ones done while watching TV or reading.

After the surgery, I had a some “spotting.” I did have two bladder spasms one afternoon. The on-call nurse said those were normal.

This regimen definitely strengthened my muscles. Starting prior to surgery was a definite plus for me.

I offer this as a possible help, and I wish you the best.