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Bed wetting

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Boys wet bed until they are 6-7. Girls usually 5-6.

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Replies to "Boys wet bed until they are 6-7. Girls usually 5-6."

I would be looking into the reasons as to why with my dr they are still bed wetting at this age and the reasons why it may be occuring. Take care Piglit

I agree with piglit if they are older and should have already stopped by now

In a person with normal bladder control, nerves in the bladder wall send a message to the brain when the bladder is full; the brain then sends a message back to the bladder to keep it from automatically emptying until the person is ready to go to the bathroom. But people with nocturnal enuresis have a problem that causes them to pee involuntarily at night.

A hormone called antidiuretic hormone, or ADH, causes the body to produce less urine at night. But some people’s bodies don’t make enough ADH, which means their bodies may produce too much urine while they’re sleeping.