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Thank you! Just what we needed to hear. I was getting a bit tense with all the issues hitting at once.

Your right. Knowing the problem is a relief. Now to deal with it!

I was hoping to hear that a recovery from the heavy metals would happen after the MoM device removal. Thanks for the hope!

We will be talking with the surgeon on Monday. I doubt that he will be "the one" and the original surgeon is on the east coast so he is out of the picture. Travel to Seattle is possible as well as to Mayo in Rochester. A few months ago I tried to get an appointment at Mayo in Arizona (drive-able from home in Western Colorado) but was turned away at that time because I have Medicare insurance as primary.

It worries me about recovery from the surgery away from my home…the first time was not all that pleasant and took a while. Perhaps the procedure has been improved in the last 17 years resulting in a quicker and easier recovery?

Do you know if Mayo has a register of MoM revision trained surgeons that I can peruse? Maybe there is one closer to my home.

Thank you!

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I don't know if anyone has a list, but knowing you are in Colorado, there are some well-respected ortho facilities in the big cities. (Thank you skiiers!) So I would think you can find someone fairly easily.
Perhaps you will have an answer as soon as tomorrow.