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lumbar spinal stenosis

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oh my you have had a rough time. so sorry. i had lumbar surgery and it was a lot of help i was going to let you know. but when i continued to read of all your problems i don’t know.
anyway, i couldn’t walk much or sleep, one leg had continually pain. couldn’t lay on hip etc. what surgeon saw in mri was i had 3 vertabrae extremely out of line and cord could have been severed, dics compressed. surgeon used some of my hip bone and cadabers bone as a wedge between disks and realigned spine with a rod and screws.
afterwards no hip OR leg pain but can’t seem to walk very far with ach starting. going away when sitting a bit. best wishes to you

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That sounds like a major surgery with a long recovery period. I really appreciate the input.

just to be encouraging to others, my lumbar surgery was an extreme help in my life. although i am retired so i can sit when needed but i do all my housework and shop, just sit a bit inbetween, pace yourself. my constant pain is GONE and a blessing i sleep all night through with no discomfort. hope this was helpful to others, i’d do it again. there was no after thereapy or pills once past post-op discomfort. well worth it. the recovery perioddepends on the extent of surgery. best wishes!

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