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Congestive Heart Failure & Neuropathy

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Jill, I’m in CHF now, 5 weeks after suffering my first heart attack and having 3 stents placed. I have severe neuropathy in the lower extremities – and although I was diabetic before the heart attack, I never had this type of neuropathy. What exactly are you suffering with?

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Thanks for replying, and sorry to hear about your health problems. I have CHF, no heart attack yet. I want to stop from having one, my Dr’s are treating me with medicine and a breathing machine at night. I can’t sleep at night, not sure why. The neuropathy I have had for about 2 years, lots of pain. Gone through lots of drugs that worked for a while like Lyrcia, Cymbalta, Neurotin. I am still on neurotin 600mg 3 x’s @ day, plus norco a pain med. Can’t walk much or do any exercise, oh I do not have diabetes. What can I suggest to my Dr’s about my chf I want to prevent a heart attack? Thank care Jill

Well, my sister has been on 450 mgs of Lyrica a day and Cymbalta – no resolution. I don’t have any advice for you on the CHF part except for exercise. That’s my problem as well. With the recent heart attack, I’ve been told to walk as much as I can to build back my endurance – but the pain/neuralgias prevent that. It’s a Catch-22, that’s for sure! You didn’t mention your age – but it seems like a nerve block would be helpful if your neuropathy was limited to one or the other extremity?? Don’t know, just thinking aloud.

Well, I am 56 the neuropathy is now “uncontrollable” and pretty much all over. Exercise is out of the question for me also. I am now on methadone for pain. I want to prevent what happened to you. a heart attack. I watch what I eat closely but my fluid retention is real bad, how is yours.