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Relex Sympathetic Dystrophy

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Hi Annie …. I’m so sorry that now you’re having to deal with this. You said you’re in a lot of pain just now. Does the pain med. help at all? Be sure to take it as prescribed …. don’t be uncomfortable while you’re body is healing. Don’t do what I did when I had my RTKR …. I only took about 3 Vicodin because I was scared to death of becoming addicted – family history. But you need to be comfortable. Do you have family there with you to help? This sounds very painful ….. my prayers are with you.

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Hi Barb have been taking the pain medication to try to keep it under control and it does seem to havesubsided a little know that I’m not working. I have great family support and am very well supported with this However have been quite overwhelmed with it all Thanks for being such a dear and and caring friend Take care Annie