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What are his symptoms. I have the disorder in my family

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he hears voices. the voices belong to another of his uncles and his uncles wife. he also believes that this uncle and aunt have two children (which they do not!). the two children have names and also talk to him. these voices have been with him almost two years now…everyday….yell at him and tell him way a “fuck up” he is etc……very scary.

That definitively sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic or someone who is abusing drugs.
Usually mental illness runs in families. How old is he ?

he is 34….and was using meth for almost ten years but is clean now..went thru rehab but is drinking pretty heavy at night and acting out a sex addiction….LOTZ of money on topless bars and prostitutes…definately on a self destruction path! i was so worried and told my brother (who thought the voices had gone away after he stopped using drugs). my nephew and i are very close and he tells me everything….but would NOT believe me when i told him the voices were in his head. no other family member that i know of has ever had this condition. is it treatable?

Meth and schizophrenia are actually linked. Medication could help and therapy. Just a word of advice don’t tell him it’s all in his head. To him this is real. Sounds like he is depressed too. Its very hard to get treatment if they don’t want to go. Did. You talk to him about it ?