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Restless Leg

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I’ve been on LOTS of sites gathering info and I see now that you must avoid certain foods, such as SUGAR!! I believe that ,in many cases, a person’s brain lacks an appropriate amt of dopamine, so foods that aid in giving this to the brain, PLUS exercise (I bought an exercise bike) seem to help. Certain exercises that stretch the backs of the legs also help. Pain pills don’t help as it’s NOT a pain that I have……it’s the sensations in the legs that make being still horrible! Any thoughts on what I have written here?

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Thanks Angel, I will try avoiding sugar and doing exercises but I am tolerating pains by the help of pain killers, may be the pain pills u get is not that much strong. Of course i dont confirm the solution of taking pain killers pills but want to say this pain can be toleratable by pain pills too.

I never eat sugar, I am a vegetarian and still have RLS. I don’t take pain pills or anything for it from the doctor because my doctor wanted me on antidepressants and said they would help my RLS; I tried for a few weeks and it didn’t help. Now I’m trying herbal supplimets. No one understands why we are not rested when we get up. I have had people criticize and make light of it likes it’s in my head and I feel like wishing they had it so they would know how I feel. Not to nice to do that though.

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