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Restless Leg

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Thank u lovinJesus. Yeah it IS exactly as u described, it starts at the bedtime and never finishes up to the morning which is work time and u still need to sleep. Do u use massagers or pain killers? How do u live with these legs?  

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Hamzehlou, I have a Chinese wooden roller (muscle relax roller) that I message my legs with before I go to bed but it does not always work. I use a very srtong muscle rub (anything that burns) and the burning over whelms the crawling but not the cramps. I was told to take 2 Magnesium tablets before I go to bed but I see no difference yet. I tried the restless Leg pellets that you melt under your tongue, you can get them at CVS, they didn’t help but maybe they would help you. I was told to walk or bicycle but have not done that yet. It’s miserable, isn’t it! I kick, toos and turn and it is even in my arms. My husband can’t sleep so I get up and walk a while then I try to relax in a recliner and began messaging again. How do I live with these legs? Miserably is all I can say. Wish they had a cure.

Lovinjesus, when I was reading ur kind comment I just felt i ve been asked the same question and I am explaining how my life looks like. You know my situation even gets worse than what u said when i travel. In fact i am a frequent traveller coz of my job which makes life more miserable than being at home using different machines and some times drugs to be able to rest some hours like others at night.
Btw u have got nice id that i beleive ur love to jesus will help u go on with this type of living.

I had the same symptons and my doctor diagnosed restless leg syndorme. I did all the same things you do plus I had a very hot bath around 2 or 3 AM every night. I usually got about 4 to 6 hours of sleep. He finally persuaded me to try a medication normally prescibed for Parkinsons dease. I take only .25 mg of Sandoz-Pramipexole and I am basically syptom free. It is heavenly to wake up and feel like I slept. I am in Canada so don’t know if this medication is available where you are, but if si give it a try.

Thank you. I will surely try it. You mean you have no pain in ur legs right now, esp at bedtime?! How old are u? And any side effects this medication has brought for u?how long should i take it? Thank u for ur patience to reply.

Oh wow, I will see if my dr will prescribe that for me. Thanks Grand

Thank you so much for your kind reply Hamzehlou. Yes, we have to lean on Him, He said we can do all things through Christ which strentheth us. Smiles to you! 🙂

This is the muscle roller I eoll on the calves of my legs before I go to bed. Sometimes it help but it always comes back later at night.
http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0009MGLIE/ref=asc_df_B0009MGLIE2088093?smid=A1FY8UWLDFX952&tag=dealtmp710696 Only 6.00. I got mine many years ago at a All natural health food store

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo is known as the memory herb. It increases blood flow to the brain and strengthens cell membranes. It is also an antioxidant, combating free radical damage in the body. Ginkgo is useful in treating RLS as it promotes nerve transmissions and tones the blood vessels throughout the body. It is considered a natural antidepressant and helps alleviate tension and anxiety. It is widely used in conventional medicine throughout Europe and has no known side effects. Ginkgo is most commonly taken in capsule form, although it is also available in a tincture.

Read more: Herbal Cure for RLS | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5505827_herbal-cure-rls.html#ixzz21stpdMv5

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