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Complicated grief

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I am so sorry for your loss. I too have lost friends to suicide and it leaves you with such an empty feeling. I just want you to know that you must not blame yourself for anothers actions. You have to accept that a person decided it was too painful to continue existing. I know how that feels and the feeling is ugly and overwhelming. Just make sure that you are taking care of yourself because I don’t think she would want you to toture yourself the way you have been..
God Bless,

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I too am sorry for your grief and lose. I too have lost friends to suicide and it does leave you feeling so very lost inside. But please don;t blame yourself for this in anyway. It’s sad but it was your friends choice and you can’t change this . Please take care of yourself we have a great support group here and are always willing the help and listen if you need us
Take care Piglit

Wow, so true! Where I have the misfortune to live my university has told me not to speak to anyone so as not to frighten them and my son’s school called CPS after my husband told them I was Bipolar and hospitalized for severe depression. He told the neighborhood as well, and now their children may not play with my sons.

I.m so sorry that this continues for you. Acceptance is what is needed for the ignorance of people in our society.As for the University that is a case of discrimination it shouldn’t make any difference to them and they are being totally prejudice against you and no doubt others that come in as well. It is sad for your sons because at the end of the day children will always be children and after teaching special needs for many years children can be non judgemental in relation to other children. Take care Piglit