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HPV Vaccine

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Dose the Herpies Vacine take herpies out of your system?

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Hi Marann,
I found this information on the website http://www.hpvvaccine.org.au/the-hpv-vaccine/how-does-it-work.aspx
"The HPV vaccine (Gardasil 9) vaccine is made from tiny proteins that look like the outside of the real human papillomavirus (HPV). …
The vaccine does not contain any live virus, or even killed virus or DNA from the virus, so it cannot cause cancer or other HPV-related illnesses. When the vaccine is given, the body makes antibodies in response to the protein to clear it from the body. If a person is then exposed to the real virus, the same antibodies can prevent it from entering the cells of the body and creating an infection (immunity)."

Does that help answer your question?

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