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Continuous tummy pain post covid

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Oh my, my prayers for your daughter. I too had Covid in January. I have had just about every GI test and medication possible. I was diagnosed with POTS in August. Dr says I probably developed it as a result of being in bed for 8 months with my GI issues. But my abdominal pain is still there. I did have one ER doctor prescribe me Metoclopramide 5 mg 4 x per day. He only prescribed 5 days. It is the first medication that seems to have given me some relief. However, it is NOT recommended you take this long term! My GI told me this, my Urologist told me this and the internet warns you of this. But it would be interesting to see if it helps your daughter. I do believe their are other medications that work in a similar fashion.(my GI recommended a drug out of Canada but I am not comfortable taking it) Best of luck, My nightstand looks like a pharmacy. I have tried medications for indigestion, IBSC, IBSD, etc…

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Thank you @ilean for your kind words. We are still waiting on more GI tests, it's just such a slow process. My kitchen is the same, looks like I could open my own pharmacy. So far no meds really working, pain killers bring the pain down a little but not much. I do hope you also find a solution soon