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Period help

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Hi @amanda39 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. My goodness, you’re 39 and haven’t had a period since you were around 24? That’s pretty unusual in itself. There can be hormonal imbalances at play. Are you an athlete with a low body mass index?

That aside, I think you know what I’m going to say here…any time we have a change of function in our body, it’s time to seek the opinion of a medical professional. I’d suggest that you make an appointment soon with your primary care physician or a gynecologist just to make sure there’s nothing amiss. It may be nothing at all, but a change in your menstrual cycle is always a good time to check with your doctor. In your case it’s the opposite of what usually takes place with yours resuming after 15+ years. Still better to have things checked out.

Have you ever discussed this with your doctor or gynecologist as to why you haven’t had periods?

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I haven't. I used drugs on a regular basis in my early 20s so I chalked it up that. Never really had any womanly issues to raise concerns except no menstruation. Now I am months away from 40 and I get one. Really tripping out as is my husband. Seems like a super heavy flow and when I did have them I usually had a regular flow with no real problems. Getting an appointment for next week to see what is going on