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Gastroparesis with severe symptoms!

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I saw a dietitian and was given a suggested diet. I eat only soft foods and try to chew each long enough to form liquid before I swallow. However, I still have days, like this morning at 3a.m. when I wake up cramping. I take a gas pill and Tylenol and get up and walk around for a while.
No foods seem to always work.
Miralax did not work for me.
I use the recipe given to me by a physical therapist. Two tablespoons before bed along with a small amount of milk of magnesia saline.
I also do a massage of my stomach and intestines to move the food along.
I am going next week to consult with a surgeon on having the endoscopy procedure done to make the opening to my Pyloric valve made larger.
I lost 30 pounds right away 3 years ago and seem to only be able to gain back 4 to 6 pounds.
Today I weigh 104.6.

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Thanks so much for your reply. It sounds like we have pretty much the same diet but my nutritionist said I shouldn't have oatmeal (okay with me as I don't like it). I don't seem to ramp up like you do but often after I eat I feel nauseated and crampy. If I lay down and nap or just rest for an hour or two I seem to feel better. However, I tend to live with constant fear that I am eating something I shouldn't. Mine started after I had a surgery. I had a hiatal hernia and it pushed my stomach up into my chest cavity and it was resting on my lungs and I have COPD (and I never smoked) they thought it should be moved. I never felt good after that. That is when they found I had gastroparesis, a year after my surgery. I weighed 165 when I went in for surgery and I now weigh 122 and I seem to stay there. I guess I can be thankful I had those few extra pounds that I could afford to lose. It is so good to discuss this disease with someone that has it too. I know one lady that has it here in my home town and I know of another one that has it but have not talked to her. Thanks so much for your reply. By the way I am 77 years old.