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MGUS: Please, let me know I not alone

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Justin, I just received my itinerary…they have scheduled me to see my oncologist nurse, instead of the dr. I'll go along, since it's just bloodwork. ( I wanted to switch drs) If anything spiked, I feel to find another oncologist. I also emailed them about this nurse accepting my insurance, since, she was taken out of network during my last visit . Took me 6 mos to battle. I now was told to contact billing to inquire whether Mayo covers this visit with her. I'm in a rough place as we speak, losing a beloved dog in Feb. and now, shockingly, a few weeks later, my best boy Maverick, (silver Lab)with bone cancer. SO STRANGE, I'M HERE FOR CANCER, NOW MY DOGS HAVE IT??? So ill make my calls when I can . I'm beside myself. One moment, at a time here. Just wanted you to know, since you took time out for asking. Thank you for asking…Linda

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@dazlin, thank you for the update. I am really sorry to hear about your dogs. I have two dogs myself, one is 12 and one is 11 and I am dreading the day they are not part of our family. One has some tumor growths, but he is 12 and they do not bother him.

I can understand why seeing a nurse may seem different, but nurses, nurse practitioners and physician's assistants at Mayo Clinic are quite capable and an integral part of a collaborative model of healthcare. Even though you may not see the particular physician you were hoping, your charts, results and appointment notes will ultimately be reviewed by a physician. As far as billing goes, it would be best to contact them as they will be able to help you with those questions. I like your approach, one moment at a time.

@dazlin My Yellow Lab died from Lymphoma, and I was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma 4 yrs later. I thought it was strange as well that both me, and my dog were diagnosed with lymphoma.

I'm still taking care of my dog Maverick, with osteosarcoma. It's been 3 weeks since diagnosis…so I'm not planning a thing. I take it day by day. I'll call mayo God willing this week.

Travelgirl, so sorry about your dog…its the worst feeling. Maverick is a silver lab, big boy…was over 100lbs. He lost some weight, but it's ok because his leg can fracture from the mass, so less weight is helpful. I'm cooking special for him, along with his healthy dog food. Take care.

Justin, I've seen this nurse before…she has been very thorough. I have no problem seeing her, it was that insurance mix up. As for me wanting to switch oncologists, is a preference I'd rather not go into here. So far, I'm still MGUS. If my M spike, or ratios spike on this next test, I'd like to see another oncologist…just a personal preference. Thanks for your reply…ENJOY YOUR DOGS, so much love there!

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