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MGUS: Please, let me know I not alone

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I haven't called oncology dept yet, but I will next week. Hopefully they'll give Drs I can review and make sure my medical insurance covers. I really appreciate you asking!

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@dazlin When I contacted Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville they worked directly with my insurance, and had everything pre-approved for billing prior to my visit.

There was one test I had done. Which they said up front it may not be covered. It was genetic testing to determine if I had Lynch syndrome ? My insurance did happen to cover it in the end. Talk with their billing department they are very up front on everything.

Also they wanted all my medical records current and old. They read through all my records and found a Dr on their staff, who was able to handle severe Gerd, H-Pylori and an Ulcer in my Cecum. The Gi Department checked me out so well. That they found hiding under the Ulcer stage 1 cecum cancer and Follicular Lymphoma.

If you never been to Mayo Clinic? They are the top notch, I been a patient now over 2 yrs. Every visit, procedure and care has been the best I ever experienced.

And trust me I had some extremely bad experiences in hospitals and with Dr's in the past.

I wish you the best.

Travelgirl, yes, I've been a patient in Mayo since 2013. I agree, they dont leave any stone unturned. As far as this medical team, I see…there was an error on Mayo's part as far as updating this particular nurse into the system. So my insurance said she was currently out of the network. Billing had no idea about this, since they are not the ones that update the systems and they kept saying it was my insurance's error. After 6 mos of dispute, they FINALLY realized the error was on their part. Now, before I go again, I'm going to try somehow to make sure, I'm covered. I can call my insurance too, but that's usually a run around, and wait. Thanks for your reply, and gosh I'm sorry you've been through a lot, but glad your getting help. Linda

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