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I have severe lower back pain and have been told for almost 13 years you will need a fusion and wait as long as possible your to young. I have been through everything possible to try and reduce my pain with no success. Every spine doctor or surgery even Mayo Clinic agreed. I am highly allergic to all NSAIDs (with bypass we should avoid) I have tried every pain med out there and nothing provides relief. And yes even chiropractors, yoga, all natural/healthy lifestyle, etc.

I am scheduling the fusion finally after so many years of suffering. FYI L3-4 L4-5
My question “plea for help” has anyone found something that will help with control the pain? Certain med, combination of meds, way it is administered. TIA

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Hi @dulfam4, welcome. Wow, dealing with back pain for 20+ years. That's a long time.

You'll notice that I moved your question about pain management to this existing disucssion:
– Pain meds for Gastric bypass patients https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/pain-meds-for-gastric-bypass-patients/

I did this so you can read previous posts and connect easily with other members like @ealeonard1214 @claytamos @mrsdiehl @fourof5zs and more. Like you @grandmar is dealing specifically with back issues and is a bariatric surgery patient. I hope she'll pop in to offer thoughts and her experience.

Dulfam, I surely hope your upcoming spinal fusion surgery helps. You might also be interested in connecting with members in the Spine Health group here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/spine-health/

In fact, here's a related discussion that @grandmar started:
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Hello @dulfam4,
I suffered for lower and upper back pain for more years I can remember. I tried shots for over 10 years with not much success.
Six years ago, I had WLS (sleeve) and lost 90 lbs. I thought the weight loss would help, but it didn't! It was also recommended to me to wait as long as possible for surgery, but I had no quality of life.
About 4 years ago I decided it was time for surgery. First, I had cervical surgery on C5/6. My neurosurgeon suggested disk replacements. The odds of success were excellent, but of course, there can always be an issue. Sadly, I am having issues again. The bones started to fuse where they shouldn't. Now, I need to have the replacements taken out. The first surgery was an easy recovery. I was on oxy for just a couple of days and I was fine.
Six months later it was time for the lumbar spine, L3/4. I had what was called an x-lift fusion. For me, it was a horrible and painful recovery. I was on oxy for quite a bit a time. I cannot remember how long. I had pain and spasms. However, I still do not have pain (other than what a 'normal' woman in her late 60s gets). By waiting so long to have the lumbar spine done, I developed severe nerve damage in both my legs that will NEVER get better. I walk with a cane and I cannot walk far as my legs just give out. I also have non-diabetic neuropathy.
So as I said, surgery with pain meds is the only things that helped. Sorry I can't be of more help.
Best of luck!