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Lungs, Heart, back pain and family issues

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Thank you! You have a good attitude. I think part of our problem is that my husband has a history of telling everyone how great he is doing, even if it is far from the truth. Then they get upset that he can't help them with moving or other physical work. I typically have to explain the real truth, but maybe I shouldn't. He still goes hunting, but they can see he parks the ATV close to his deer stand. Two years ago our granddaughter and grandson each got their first dear. DH wouldn't trade the memories for anything, but he wasn't able to finish skinning them and son had major attitude when he needed to do it. They leave DH to cut them, but he can sit for that. Everything is such a balancing act.
I will have to look into acupuncture. We had couple massages a year ago and he got a small blood clot (DVT) so he hasn't wanted anyone touching him now. It surprised me since he is on Eliquis.
How is your breathing doing now? 5 liters of oxygen sounds like a lot. Are you on it all the time or only at times? I love your attitude. Thank you.

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I was on 5 liters 24 hours a day (the max that my machine), except when I left the house I would be on 6 liters or at the hospital for tests on 8 liters. When I got bad, I was actually in the hospital on 30 liters before my transplant. Now I am great.
There is a difference between a regular message and a therapeutic message. Although both feel great. The therapeutic message actual is more of a physical therapy.