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CT-Guided TTNB Biopsy vs. EBUS

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I am sorry you are going through this. I had lower left lobe nodule to figure out, so i know the level of anxiety is very high.
I think its pulmonologist who should have made the call to do ebus first time around !
The more health care professionals you get to talk virtually or in person who have access to your scans, the better.
Going with ebus makes sense if ct guided didnt get unless interventional radiologist wasnt experienced enough. It is hard to make the call, so i think finding the right pulmonologist who you trust.
Good luck and hopefully when this all is over you will have time to look for new pcp as yours obviously doesnt have empathy

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Hi Lenchiksf,

Thank you for your kind and empathic response. I really like hearing from someone else who's going through it or has been there. It helps a lot.

I got more info today from the interventional pulmonologist's office – it will be a CBCT navigational bronchoscopy with or without EBUS. The CB stands for cone beam. While it sounds very sci-fi and advanced (and a really really long name), the first thing I thought of was the Conehead family on SNL. I imagined being in the surgery suite and seeing everyone as a Conehead. This really helped my anxiety, both to know more information and to find something funny, amusing and non-threatening about it all.

The first time I was scheduled for a biopsy, it was for a navigational bronchoscopy & less than 24 hours before the procedure, insurance informed me they denied it. I figured they would have to do a second one because the CT-guided one at the local hospital didn't yield what was needed. The other good news today is that it's been approved by insurance.

Thank you everyone, I am so grateful for your compassion.

I think I am extra sensitive to everything these days.