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miker45840 (@miker45840)

Transient Global Amnesia

Brain & Nervous System | Last Active: Apr 19, 2021 | Replies (8)

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I am looking for anyone who has experienced this. I was diagnosed with this a while ago and have gotten no help from my doctors. it has gotten worse and starting to really worry me.

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Hi Mike

I know what transient global amnesia is, I don’t have it tho.

How often is it happening and for how long is an episode?


What is that. Never heard of that.

I have been having episodes maybe 2 times a week on the average. I can lose the memory of anywhere from an hour of time up to 10 or 12 hours. I have had scans and all types of test done. No answers or explaination yet. it actually gets kind of scarry at times.

Hi Mike
I imagine it is very scary. I had severe short term memory loss after I OD’ed and it felt awful. People would tell me about something that happened that morning and wouldn’t even have an inkling. It was like the memory was just cut out of my brain.
Have you seen a therapist about this? Have you ruled out dissociation?

China. It is basically a loss of memory from recent past such as an event the day before. I usually don’t know it has happen till someone mentions something that happen or something I did (most of the time in the last 24 hours) and I will have no memory of it. The docs have not come up with a solution yet, so I have just been dealing with it.

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