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Response to Appointment Request

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My brother and I faxed numerous files from his medical record and we received a letter stating that he was not accepted as a patient at the Mayo clinic. He is a doctor and was assaulted by a patient. The patient had struck my brother in the head so badly that he broke at least 5 bones in my brother's face and must have Jarred his brain so badly that's some sort of chain reaction followed. Also he was given a hovid shot shot shortly thereafter which may also have accelerated his his neurological events that has now left him so weak and almost to the point of becoming paralyzed. They're alized. He has lost so much fatty tissue and muscle as well as connective tissue.. I don't understand how the Mayo clinic could reject such an angel from their system.

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@amosivilla, first all, I'm very sorry to hear about your brother's experiences and his current state. This must be so hard to witness. Understandably you want to do everything in your power to help your brother.

Over the last couple of years, Mayo Clinic has experienced unusually high demand for appointments, which has exceeded our capacity. But I encourage you not to give up. There may be several reasons that led to the denial at this time. You might try again and a different Mayo location or department. Members share their experiences here:

– Can't get an appointment: Any tips on what to do? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/cant-get-an-appointment/