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Craniotomy in 9 days

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I agree with "fiddinchuck" that while one is very anxious anticipating craniotomy, cranitomies do produce very good results. I had "awake" craniotomy on 9 July 2021 at Mayo JAX for oligodendroglioma in the speech portion of my brain. I was awake and conscious while talking with the surgeons throughout the entire craniotomy. Though most people refuse "awake" craniotomy, I approached it with curiosity and fascination. The 6 weeks of followup Radiation and Chem treatment were worst than the surgery, and it took about 6 months to get back to normal after finishing Chemo. The staff at Mayo Jax has been outstanding throughout my treatment.
The good news is a year later I feel outstanding; working out in a gym; my speech is good (though there was fear I would not speak again); driving again and traveling often. My Oncologist is happy with results and intends to put me on annual check-ups after my next MRI.
I recommend you take 2 non-prescription nutrient supplements which worked well for me.
1. Take Colostrum. All mammal mothers produce colostrum in milk immediately after giving birth. You can easily obtain colostrum supplements made from cows milk collected after calving. In addition to forming immunization in babies, it also heals wounds. Start taking heavy doses now, before surgery and continue after surgery. It will rapidly heal your surgical wound. My wound healed within a week of the surgery. My Significant Other's plastic surgeon put her on this when she had surgery,
2. Take IP6. Our bodies produce IP6 to strengthen immunity, but, production reduces with age. IP6 supplements are usually produced from rice husks. IP6 chelates iron. Because cancer cells are dependent upon digesting excess iron, IP6 effectively starves the cancer cells. My cancer has shrunk each MRI I have been taking IP6. My Significant Other has been a health insurance agent for 30 years, she has many cancer clients who responded well while taking IP6 with treatment. Start taking now before surgery, and continue. Both can be found at any local Health store and Amazon. Both are natural human nutrients, and cause no toxic side effects.
Anxiety and fear are to be expected before surgery. But, there is much you can look forward to. After my surgery, I feel wonderful. I wish you the best results. My prayers are with you.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I’ll do some research! I’m so happy to hear that you are doing well and that your surgery was a success! Those are the things I need to focus on. 7 days…😩