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Craniotomy in 9 days

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Dear jhbl, I wish you well with your upcoming surgery. To help put your mind ate ease, this note is to let you know that, while daunting to think about, craniotomies can have good outcomes. I had this surgery 4 years ago due to very large meningioma (“tangerine sized,” per neurosurgeon). I was fortunate in that I was mostly asymptomatic before surgery. It was a 13.5 hr surgery that resulted in removal of most of the tumor. The decision to leave about 10% of it in place was based on its close association with my optic nerve and cerebral artery.
I was fortunate to have little or no pain following the surgery. The parts that I did not see coming were the scheduling of about 3 months of physical, occupational, and speech therapy after the surgery, which I was able to do in my hometown after release from the hospital and that I would need to be approved by a doctor and our DMV to resume driving again. I did these things 3 months after my surgery and was able to resume driving at that time. I recall my sentiments in the weeks before my surgery, where you are now: there was one part of me that just wanted to get this over with and put it behind me, while another part of me dreaded the arrival of my impending surgery date. In the end, I had a terrific talented and caring medical team and received great care that has allowed a smooth, event free recovery. I trust that you are also in good hands, which should help ease your mind some. I do have an annual MRI to check on whether the residual meningioma is growing again, so far it is not.
I wish you the best as you go forward and hope that your surgery goes well, bringing relief from your symptoms. It is a worthwhile step to take, and we are both fortunate to have this type of medical care available to us. Best wishes!

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Agree with all that "fiddinchuck". Best wishes.

I love hearing the success stories! Thank you 😊. I hope mine goes as smoothly as yours. I’m an eternal pessimist and my mind is reeling, thinking about each and every possible complication. I didn’t think about the DMV…