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High CAC score

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Hello @cedgar

I see that you have already been introduced to some Connect members with a high calcium score. I hope you are gaining some good information from reading their posts. I'm sure that this diagnosis was a surprise to you.
I can understand that you are concerned about having a heart catheterization. I've had one and I know the anxiety I experienced as well. This is a fairly routine procedure and is generally quite safe when done by an experienced cardiologist at a good hospital.

You asked if there were any other non-invasive tests to check on this. Here is a link to some information about a CT scan of the heart,
Have you had a CT scan of the heart?

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Thanks for the reply. The cardio said they couldn't do a CT angiogram because my calcium level was too high and the radiologist wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the contrast and the calcium because they both show up white on the scan. I would be more agreeable to a catherization if I knew what it would accomplish. He more or less said it was to know about any blockages but not necessarily to fix blockages. I've read is it is difficult at best to stent calcium. I had a cath in 2008 and it was no big deal but there is a small risk of serious consequences. My thinking is I'm going to treat the problem through med's and diet first. But I'm hopeful the new cardio I'm going to see will offer another way to check blood flow……maybe ultra sound or the Cleerly test.