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Kidney stones

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Hi there, @tgregg99 and @Colleen. I am just chiming in a bit here because I am prone to kidney stones. Two pieces of info have helped me. 1. Drink lemon water several times a week. Freshly squeezed lemons and cold water. I add a little non-sugar sweetener. 2. Be careful about osteoporosis meds. During my last ER visit, they contacted my endocrinologist and she took me off the ones I was taking at that time.

May you be safe, free, and protected from inner and outer harm.

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Thanks Chris, good tip. I'll talk with my nephrologist about adding more lemon juice. I know he likes real fruit, including citrus, but not juices. CT I do add lemon and lime juice to dishes and eat oranges. I've read how citrus can help with kidney stones. Added sugar is out, so that's a non-issue. But perhaps I can add a non-sugar product. We'll see.

Thanks, Terry