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Kidney stones

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Good point. My understanding is that Flomax (tamsulosin) and other alpha-1 blockers can help widen the tube that connects the kidney with the bladder (ureter).

– How Flomax Works for Kidney Stones: Dosage, Time to Pass, and More https://www.goodrx.com/conditions/kidney-stones/flomax-for-kidney-stones

I think that you're right, Gregg. Kidney stones in the kidney are not helped by medication. Kidney stones that are too large to pass on their own or cause bleeding, kidney damage or ongoing urinary tract infections may require more-extensive treatment. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/kidney-stones/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20355759

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Yes, that's consistent with what my urologist told me last. In my case, my large stone is asymptomatic and in the lower pole so one option (because it's asymptomatic and where it's at) is to leave it as is and monitor it through observation and periodic imaging and continued kidney stone mitigation, e.g., drinking 2+L water/day, eating the right foods for "you," etc. My nephrologist ordered a 24 hour urine test to analyze my diet and recommended changes, like reducing salt in the diet, etc. But the urologist is the one to explain the treatment options and risks for removing a stone "in" the kidney. What may work for one may not be the right treatment option for another. The key is to have a conversation with the urologist to reach a decision as to the best path to take "for you." I will say that I got a second opinion from my nephrologist (who has a specialty in kidney stones; I see him primarily due to my kidney disease IgAN-glomerulonephritis, in remission for years, thanks to the wonderful care I got from the Mayo Clinic after my renal biopsy and diagnosis, and he also talked with me at length about my diet. He also confirmed it's the urologist to discuss treatment options for the stone, including removal.